Hi folks! Welcome to my blog “This Little Peggy”. So, you need to know a bit about this I guess… Why I’m writing a blog. What the purpose is. What the weird name’s about. What I’m about…

Why am I writing a blog?

I’ve been an aspiring writer for as long as I can remember. I’m 22 years old now and I don’t have a blog! In this day and age a writer without a blog is like a pirate without a parrot; or in Treasure Island world as documented by the Muppets, a lobster. If you don’t get that reference then you haven’t seen the film and if you haven’t seen the film then maybe you need to create a blog of your own titled ‘All the awesome things in life I haven’t experienced’ starting with the Muppets Treasure Island. “Though you could be a doctor, or perhaps a financier, my boy why not consider a more challenging career… When you’re a professional piiiiiiirate” Anyway, back to my point, lobster – parrot – pirate – blog – writer, ah, that was it! A writer without a blog. Well luckily I am no longer on that list. Or unluckily depending on how well this goes. So now that I have given my metaphorical pirate self a parrot-lobster-thing…

What’s the purpose?

The purpose! Yes, let me talk about the purpose! That will hopefully redeem me from the previous moment of sheer brain farting in words. The purpose of the blog is… well, there isn’t one really. I understand this isn’t looking too good at the moment but please stick with me! Okay, so I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long time now. I’ve gone as far as to create one (or several). Each time with a new-fangled idea or purpose but that was always why I never stuck with them. Most blogs have purpose, direction, solid-ground, so that’s exactly what I thought mine should. I always wanted it to be real though, heart on sleeve, soul on shoulder, recently witnessed brain-farting real; and really, I lack purpose, I lack direction, I lack solid-ground. So this new outlook on a blog with no purpose is as real as it gets. I’ll share my poetry, my writing, my ramblings, thoughts, feelings, days. If you need to give it a purpose in your own mind, something that justifies your reading it as not being a waste of time then I guess you could look at it as a diary of sorts. Or the metaphorical diarrhoea of someone else’s mind hole? (Note to self: Learn to create cute or attractive metaphors).

What’s with the name?

After countless months and weeks and days and hours and minutes and seconds of raping my creative-mind-juices and carving erratically into paper for imagination, coming up with millions of title ideas for the blog… okay, I said this was going to be real and that last bit is a lie. I’ll start again. After 10 minutes of quickly trying to come up with something original and relevant so I could start the blogging process I was left with two ideas. The first being ‘That Thinking Feeling’, a terrible play on words of the popular That Sinking Feeling phrase, get it? I refused to be one of those ‘Haha! Get it?!’ people though so I scrapped that and went straight with the second idea This Little Piggy. Derived from the touching moment of looking at a pig ornament whilst trying to come up with ideas and thinking ‘Hey, little piggy’s do stuff. One went to market. One stayed at home. One had roast beef… I do stuff. The blog is going to be about stuff. That’ll work.’ The Peggy bit originated from the nickname ‘Peggy-Sue’ that some of my nearest and dearest lovingly refer to me as due to my ever noticeable limp. That’s probably why I like Muppets Treasure Island so much. It all makes sense now! The high school kids inventive ‘peg-leg’ and ‘pirate’ cries must’ve made the film relatable to me. What if it’s actually not an awesome film and I’ve just been judging people who have never seen it when they don’t have the deep-rooted psychological connection to it that I’ve acquired?! Then again, I got ‘penguin’ too and I can’t stand Pingu so that can’t be the case. Muppets Treasure Island must in fact just be an awesome film and you’re a fool if you’ve never seen it. (I’d like to take this time to explain that this blog is not about Muppets Treasure Island and I shall attempt to refrain from mentioning the film again; attempt).

What am I about?

Well, we’ve already covered the aspiring writer part. I guess if you’re still reading at this point you’ve already figured out for yourself that I’m a few tools short of a toolbox (AKA not all there in the head). You know my age. You can call me Peggy (my name is Jade). I have a daughter. I collect elephants (not real ones). My eyes are blue. My favourite colour is blue. I love music. I love musicals. I love a lot of stuff really. I dislike a lot of stuff too. In-fact, this section is completely pointless because you’ll find out what I’m about by continuing to read my blog posts. I’ll just write… To be revealed… (Ooo, a bit of mystery).

Thanks for reading folks and I hope you enjoy my blog!

(Sidenote: I’m going to refer to my readers (if there are any, hello??) as ‘Folks’ because that’s what that pig from the Looney Tunes says and it all fits! This Little Peggy/Piggy, get it? Sickly-sweet. I swear to myself I will not be a ‘get it?’ person!)

That’s all folks!


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